The Godmakers (novel)

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The Godmakers
AuthorFrank Herbert
Cover artistVincent DiFate
CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
LC ClassPZ4.H5356 Go PS3558.E63
"The Priests of Psi" was the cover story for the February 1960 issue of Fantastic

The Godmakers (1972) is a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. The title of early editions was sometimes styled The God Makers.


It is a novel expanded from four short stories:

  • "You Take the High Road". Appeared in Astounding Science Fiction, May 1958
  • "Missing link". Appeared in Astounding Science Fiction February 1959
  • "Operation Haystack". Appeared in Astounding Science Fiction, May 1959
  • "The Priests of Psi". Appeared in Fantastic Science Fiction Stories, February 1960

The story focuses on Lewis Orne, an agent for a government agency which develops 'lost planets.' After correctly identifying a warlike civilization on the planet Hamal, he is drafted into Investigative Adjustment (I-A), which manages dangerous planets. Under the auspices of I-A, he travels to various planets in order to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. At the same time, the priests of the planet Amel, who practice 'religious engineering', set about creating a god, something they have done numerous times before: "'We do not know from what creature or thing the god will be born', the Abbod said. 'It could be one of you.'" After resolving a number of dangerous situations, Lewis is injured and has a near-death experience. Following this, his psychic powers develop, and after passing a series of tests he becomes a god.


Colin Greenland reviewed The Godmakers for Imagine magazine, and stated that "For all his ever-expanding cosmic perspective, Herbert still writes characters who look and sound as if they'd been cut off the backs of cornflake packets."[1]


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